Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Our school admissions code ensures an objective admissions process that promotes equity and fair access for all.

Lower Kindergarten:

  1. Students are registered with the school upon completion of 2 years of age (by August 31st of the current year).
  2. Parents / legal guardians of the child need to be present to complete the registration formalities with the school.
  3. Registration Forms are available in the primary school office.
  4. Dates for registration: July 1st – July 15th of every academic year between 9.30 am – 12pm on school working days.
  5. Venue: The Ramkrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith, Purnanagar, Ranaghat, West Bengal – 741201.
  6. Registrations are currently on for LKG 2020 and LKG 2020.

Documentation (to be submitted along with the Registration Form)

  1. Birth Certificate: original and a photocopy
  2. If mother / sister is an ex-student of the school, a photocopy of the school leaving certificate
  3. If child is adopted, a photocopy of the adoption certificate
  4. Rs. 1000/- (one thousand only) in cash as Registration Fees
  5. A photocopy of the Aadhar card. It is mandatory for the student to have an Aadhar card.


  1. Letters/queries regarding admissions may be posted to the school address or deposited in the school 'Drop Box' located at the front security desk.
  2. The envelope should be labelled 'PRIMARY' (applications for Std. HKG – IV) or 'SECONDARY' (applications for Std. V – VIII).
  3. Applications may also be emailed to:
Please ensure the following particulars are clearly mentioned in the application:
  1. Cover letter from parents
  2. Child's date of birth
  3. Class / Std. to which admission is sought
  4. Date of application
  5. Residential Address / Telephone numbers / Email addresses
  6. Latest school reports (last 3 years, if applicable)

You will be contacted by the school office in the event of a vacancy in a specific class.
Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.
Repeated enquiries will not be entertained.

Thank you again for your interest in The Ramkrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith.

Admissions 2019-20


RSMV profile: An institution with enviable academic standard  

About us: Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary School  is a co-educational secondary school with excellent boarding facilities , affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. It is located amidst lush green surroundings on a sprawling campus  at Purnanagar, about three km away from  Ranaghat railway in the district of Nadia, West Bengal. The institution has emerged as a most preferred educational hub for hundreds of  rural students due to its enviable academic standard and pollution-free environment.   

Legacy lives on: Since the day one when  an enterprising and dynamic Ganesh Chandra Modak took over the management of this school as its secretary from late Jibankrishna Karmakar in 1995, the institution has been providing quality education to  the rural  students from across Nadia, its  neighbouring districts and some parts of Bangladesh in order to help them evolve into good human beings with an excellent academic profile. Students are also being made  proficient in various co-curricular activities to ensure their overall development. All these endeavours taken together are a pointer to the fact that its invaluable legacy lives on till date.    

 Special care for poor students:  Among a total of 220 boarders, more than 120 students  are  being looked after by us  free of cost as they are considered poor. Since most of them  are all  single parent children from poor communities, special care is being taken to ensure their they must not lag behind and enjoy equal opportunity in their academic pursuit as that of those who are affluent and well-to-do.  Ours is a home to them away from their own sweet home.           

Grooming them young: Convinced that effective computer learning, personality development and proficiency in Spoken English are most needed these days for a student on the  road to success in his or her chosen profession, special emphasis is being laid on each of them. Moreover, subjects related to hygiene are also being included in the curriculum

Consistent good results of our students in Madhyamik exams since 2014: Since 2014 when the first batch of students  from the school sat for Madhyamik (Secondary) Examinations, our students have not only  been consistently doing well but also showing marked improvement in their academic performances over the years. This has made our institution as one of the  best institution   not only in Nadia district but all over the state of West Bengal also. 

Our faculty members: Ours is an institution where teachers are considered role models of our students. Each and every teacher with his or her erudition  and scholarly background   is committed to ensure that each and every student   must  acquire  academic excellence with integrity.  Teachers also take special remedial classes for academically poor students,  beyond  their routine classes so as  to help them compete with their other academically sound classmates.    

 School hostels: Keeping in mind that numerous day scholars are studying in our school,  two separate well-furnished hostels are in place for both boys and girl students for their comfortable accommodation. They are feeling at home while staying in two hostels,  totally segregated from each other. An existing four-storey  boys’ hostel has been renovated where about 90 students could be accommodated.  

School library & Yoga room: Convinced that a library is  life blood of an educational institution, we have refurbished our existing library after shifting it to a bigger room where over 1000 books of various  subjects, are preserved  for our students. Besides, leading newspapers, journals, periodicals and rare study materials are on display  in the library to help our students enhance their knowledge  beyond  narrow confines of class rooms.   The library with its rich collection of books has these days become a favourite haunt of our  students,  who are very regular there, ignoring allures of internet and social media.

Computer LAB:A well-equipped science laboratory is a major attraction of our students. The laboratory has recently been refurbished with numerous modern-day equipment  to make it more effective for our students.  Besides, a modern-day computer centre caters to the need of our students, serving internet and social media for their academic purposes and research projects.  As part of TLM, exclusive   smart class  rooms are being regularly held for easy understanding of text book lessons of our students.

Extra-curricular activities in school: Among our extra-curricular activities, regular sports activities on a sprawling ground adjoining the school building and , a well-equipped children’s park, merit mention. Other co-curricular activities include regular drawing classes by an expert  teacher, lessons on music and dance  by experts.  Students are also being encouraged to participate in talent search examinations in which their performances are excellent.    

Students’ initiative to hone their talents: In order to ensure that students must give wings to their creative thoughts and imagination in mode of writings, paintings and  drawings, we have been publishing school souvenirs for the last three years in a row with a commitment to bring them out every year. A souvenir deserves to be a masterpiece,  comprising writings, drawings and ;paintings of our students, teachers, academicians,  alumni members and members of non-teaching staff.  

Parent-teacher Association: RSMV stands out among many  boarding schools in the area because of its uniqueness in maintaining a consistent bondage between parents and teachers for the well being of our students. Patents feel at ease to call on our teachers on designated dates  to discuss academic and other related matters of their wards besides a monthly PTM. .

Look ahead: we seek to expand our activities for an all-inclusive development of our  students in order to open up new vistas with numerous opportunities for them.

Our constraints: Paucity of adequate funds sometimes stands  in way of fulfilling our commitments to our valued students. Although we are doing our best with our limited resources, CSR funds or any such fund would definitely be a prized possession for us at this juncture.

Mention must be must be about Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Gol Park, that has donated nearly 500 old and new books of varied subjects to help us refurbish our school library.  We are particularly grateful to RMIC secretary revered Swami Suparnanandaji Maharaj for taking his  personal initiative in this regard.






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